Man jailed 8 months for stealing 5kgs of sugar


Lira. A man was on Tuesday sentenced to eight months in prison by the Lira Chief Magistrate’s Court after he stole 5kgs of sugar and other foodstuffs.
Jaspher Okeng’s luck ran out on Tuesday afternoon after court presided over by the Chief Magistrate, Mr Alex Mushabe Kirocho, found him guilty of breaking into Mr Richard Oyuku Ojok’s house.
Court heard that on April 26, Okeng broke into Mr Ojok’s house and stole several items, including sugar.
Prosecution stated that on May 9, Mr Oyuku’s wife, Ms Molly Grace, caught Mr Okeng red-handed as he attempted to steal from the same house again.
Upon arrest, Okeng confessed he was the same person who broke into his uncle’s house on April 26 and stole several items that included 5kgs of sugar, simsim, groundnuts, peas and a bicycle.
The accused was taken to Lira Central Police Station.
On Tuesday, the matter came up for mention upon which the accused pleaded guilty to the offence.
“I stole the items as indicated in the charge sheet,” he told a fully-packed courtroom.
The hearing of the case took about 10 minutes as court figured out the maximum penalty that matches the offence.
Earlier, the complainant, also the paternal uncle to the accused, had asked court to hand the accused a three-year sentence.
“I ask court to sentence him to three years in prison so that he can reform. In December 2016, he stole Shs2 million from me and disappeared,” Mr Oyuku said.
But the State asked court to pass a lenient sentence since the accused was a first time offender.
“He will serve eight months in prison and the sentence shall run concurrently,” Chief Magistrate Mushabe Karocho, ruled.

Father pleads with court
In a related development, a man on Tuesday asked Lira Chief Magistrate’s Court to jail his two biological children after the juveniles begged for forgiveness for stealing food and other items worth Shs2m from their home. The man said jailing them would give him some peace of mind because the children had disappointed him.
“I gave them Shs800,000 for school fees, they abused the money and have now resorted to stealing,” he said.
“I have accepted to reform and be a law-abiding citizen. I request daddy to forgive me,” a 16-year-old teenage boy told court.
“I will not repeat this again. He (father) should take me back home,” the other juvenile pleaded.
However, the presiding judge then referred the children’s to court for proper sentencing.

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