Kayihura slams security firms over negligence


GULU. The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen Kale Kayihura, has threatened to de-license errant private security firms and prosecute security guards that will not coordinate with police in averting crimes and apprehending criminals.
The IGP outburst follows the gruesome murder of Gulu Municipality Deputy Town Clerk John Oola by suspected iron bar hitmen on Tuesday morning from Kanyagoga B village in Bardege Division.
The deceased was killed by unknown assailants less than five metres away from ActionAid Offices being guarded by a security guard attached to New Uganda Securiko Ltd.

The deceased Oola 42, had just dropped a female friend when the assailants attacked and killed him.
Gen Kayihura visited Gulu Municipality on Wednesday following the upsurge in crimes being committed by suspected iron bar hitmen.
He visited Oola’s murder spot on Thursday afternoon but was infuriated by accounts from locals who narrated that despite the presence of a security guard at the scene, the deceased life was not saved.

“There was a security guard next door here in spite of noise being made and scuffle between the deceased and attackers, they [guards] could not respond. This is very dangerous, private security companies should work closely with the police,” he said.
“I want to know why the armed guard in the next building didn’t respond to the alarm made, she should have at least shoot bullets in the air,” Gen Kayihura added.
He explained that private security organisations are parts of the police policing system and should in anyway respond in cases of security emergencies.

“We shall de-license some of these security companies and hold their guards accountable for failing to save lives and apprehend criminals,” he said.
He, however, castigated the police in the district for only extracting statements from the security guard minus detaining her.
Gen Kayihura, however, assured the locals of security and promised that his visit will help clean Gulu Municipality of criminality.
“I want to find out who the attackers are, I want to know their motives behind the increased wave of crimes, I want to know the gaps in the police,” Gen Kayihura said.

He advised the locals to be cautious of their security, report relevant information to police and install security lights in their areas, arguing that lights scare away criminals.
The LC3 chairperson of Bardege Division, Mr Patrick Lumumba, however tasked the IGP to hold accountable the judicial officials in the district, alleging that they are releasing suspects after receiving bribes.
The IGP later held security meeting with various heads of security organs and political leaders in the district.
At least five people have been arrested by police in connection to the murder of Oola and are being detained at Gulu Central Police Station.

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