Children drag mother to court over property


MBALE- Four children of the late Haji Masudi Mukiibi, have dragged their mother to Mbale Magistrate’s Court over ownership of a house located on Plot 11 Naboa Road in Mbale Town.
The children, according to documents seen by Daily Monitor show that the contested house with the title in the names of their mother Khainifa Nabisoli, a resident of Kasanvu village,Nabweya parish, Bunghokho Sub-county in Mbale District is part of their father’s assets.
The late Masudi, a reknown businessman in Mbale had four wives and reportedly died in 2016 leaving a number of properties.

The family meeting held on April 2, 2016, under the instruction of administration general discussed a range of family issues, including properties.
The children including Mutyaba Nasibu, Mohammed Katamba and Asuman Mayanja had lodged an application seeking letters of administration to take charge of the deceased estates including the contested house on Plot 11 Naboa Road.
Whereas the mother (Khanifa Nabisoli) maintains that the contested house was given to her by the late Masudi (husband) and does not form part of the enlisted properties of the deceased.
“With just four days to grant the letter of administration, I quickly place a caveat (dated May 19, 2016) against the fraudulent means the children were attempting to grab my property,” Ms Nabisoli said.
Mr Katamba (son), Ms Aziza Nalweyiso (daughter) and Mr Musa Mutesho (granddaughter) are the lead applicants.

However, the caveat states that the said property [Plot 11-Naboa road] does not form part of the deceased estate and should be excluded from the petition for grant of letters of administration.
“This property is my personal property and was not in any way owned by the deceased. So Plot 11 on Naboa Road listed on the petition cause Number 0028 of 2016 does not form part of the estate,” Ms Nabisoli said.
She told Daily Monitor that a certificate of no-objection was first granted on May 2, 2016, under administration general cause NO 026/2016, signed by Ms Jacquelyn Ssemakula.
However, this was countered by another caveat by one Abdallah Sekimwanyi through his lawyer, M/S Kamugisha and Co Advocates, who urged in his caveat dated September 20, 2016, that the petition filed by the petitioners were full of falsehoods regarding the properties left by the deceased.
The case of theft of the house title was reported to the regional CID/SSP Kirya Sisye, who in a letter dated May 24, 2016 summoned six family members on the pending matters arising from your family wrangles as alleged by Ziyada Nakyinga to enable us advice you on the way forward,” a letter from regional CID reads in apart.
However, the family members through their lawyer,M/S Kalenge Ssemambo and CO Advocates wrote back to the CID explaining that the matter is not criminal and therefore these people have not committed any crime and even still the matter is before court.

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