Museveni orders IGG to investigate UWA boss over bribery


President, Yoweri Museveni has directed the Inspectorate of Government to investigate into the affairs of Uganda Wildlife Authority-UWA. In a May 2, 2017 letter addressed to Irene Mulyagonja, the Inspector General of Government, Museveni, says “I write to request to investigate wrong doing in the Uganda Wildlife Authority”

He lists eight issues that need to be investigated key among them, the Executive Director, Dr. Andrew Sseguya for authorizing the export of Pangolin known as Olugave in Luganda, its meat and scales contrary to international conventions. “Some Chinese have been licensed by UWA to do that,” reads Museveni’s letter.

In July 2014 the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) issued a permit for the export of over 7000 kg of pangolin scales to Laos. Pangolin scales, skin and meat are all highly valued, making it the most illegally traded mammal in the wild, according to International Union for the Conservation of Nature-IUCN. Pangolin meat is a delicacy among the newly affluent parts of China and Vietnam.

Museveni also notes that some UWA officials are collaborating with Li Wejin and Yinzhi, both Chinese diplomats to export ivory from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and South Sudan. He also expresses displeasure over the reported theft of 1,300Kgs of impounded Ivory worth Shillings 3 billion from the UWA stores.

He also points out murders in national parks among criminals fighting for proceeds from poaching. Museveni also wants the IGG to investigate Sseguya for trying to get a bribes from centenary, DFCU and Crane Bank so as to maintain the Shillings 28 billion deposits in those banks.

“When the Banks refused to bribe him, he withdrew the money and caused loss of Shillings 1.5Billion. Even without causing financial loss, it is criminal enough for a public officer to take bribes.” reads Museveni’s letter.

Museveni also wants the IGG to investigate the procurement of the software for tracking gorillas in disregard of the laid down procedures. He is also bitter that UWA has failed to act on his advice to install an electric fence around national parks. “Up to now, the UWA people have never either acted on it, or had the courtesy to tell me why they cannot,” he said.

Museveni directs the IGG to investigate the allegations and report back to him. “In view of the above, I therefore request, that you investigate these allegations and give me a report. Adding, “That if there is a prima facie case, the Executive Director should be suspended forthwith”

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