New twist emerges in alleged Wavamuno land grab case


Records from the office of the Administrator General indicate that the 80-year-old woman accusing a group of city tycoons of having forged land titles to grab her land, was not one of the beneficiaries to the land in question.
The new twist was contained in a brief memo dated July 2, 2014, by State Attorney Robert Bogere to the Acting Administrator General regarding the status of the contested land that measures 183.88 acres at Ntende in Busiro, Wakiso District.
On Monday, 80-year-old Gertrude Nakiyimba testified before the Land Division of the High Court in Kampala that the city tycoons, including Gordon Wavamuno, James Musinguzi Garuga of Garuga Resort Hotel had forged the titles and grabbed her land that previously belonged to her late father Daudi Kasimbazi.
Ms Nakiyimba was testifying before Justice Andrew Bashaija in rebuttal to a law suit brought against her by the tycoons under their umbrella group, Ntende Peninsula Residents Association for having trespassed on the said land.
She claimed to be the rightful registered administrator of the contested land. The brief status of the contested land contained in the letter of the State Attorney, shows that Ms Nakiyimba was only given two acres at a different location in Mayanja, Wakiso District, and not on the contested piece of land.
Ms Nakiyimba’s late father had land at Ntende measuring 183.88 acres and another 45 acres at Ntende and more 35 acres at Mayanja, Wakiso District.

“The deceased’s daughter Gertrude Nakiyimba (then known as Bulanina Nakiimba) was not given any property at Ntende. She was given two acres at Mayanja, Wakiso,” the brief memo by Mr Bogere to the Acting Administrator General read in part.
“As to the daughter of the deceased (Ms Nakiyimba) who has on several occasions appeared in print and broadcast media alleging fraud, she is not a beneficiary on the land at Ntende,” the brief memo further stated.
When Daily Monitor contacted Mr Wavamuno about the testimony of the old woman, he denied any knowledge of her before warning of legal action against a local newspaper that carried the story. He said he has a lot of land that he acquired through the right channels.
“I don’t issue out land titles. This is malice. It’s true I own land, a lot of it even near the water but I don’t go through dubious ways in order to acquire it,” Mr Wavamuno said in a telephone interview yesterday.
“I have already spoken to my six lawyers to take action against the paper,” he added.

Further information that Daily Monitor has accessed indicate that the then Commissioner land registration, Ms Sarah Kulata Basangwa, in a letter dated May 6, 2014, to the Land Commandant, Land Protection Police Unit, states that she was not sure whether she had any input regarding the validity of the parceled land titles.
Ms Kulata said she could not guarantee whether the ownership of the said land was still the same.
She subsequently advised those with interest on the land to carry out the search for the titles and register them for the correct ownership and the history of any other transactions that could have taken place.

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