Guvnor killing: Court appoints three assessors as Kamyuka denies charges


Hearing of the case in which Ivan Kamyuka is accused of killing John Ahimbisibwe alias Jonnie, former patron of Guvnor, a popular city nightclub, in 2015 has started at the High Court in Kampala.
When asked by the judge to take plea, Kamyuka on Friday (June 2, 2017) denied the murder charges against him.

The presiding judge, Wilson Kwesiga then appointed three assessors to help out in the hearing of case.
The assessors include Mr Robert Kabuleta, Ms Rehema Babirye and Ms Jacqueline Yikiru.
During the hearing of the case, the assessors who are non-lawyers will sit together with the judge in court and provide either expert advice or guidance in the case.
Legally, assessors’ opinion is not binding to court because the trial judge can either agree with their advice or depart from it.

During the hearing of the a case in which businessman and motor rally ace Andrew Kananura alias Desh was accused of killing his employee Badru Katerega, Mr Kabureta and Ms Babirye, who were part of the assessors asked court to acquit him on grounds that prosecution failed to prove his role in the murder.
In his ruling, the trial judge Joseph Murangira acquitted Desh and his co-accused of murder.
The state prosecutors in Kamyuka’s case are Ms Jane Okuo Kajuga and Ms Jacqueline Okui.
On September 10, 2015 when Mr Kamyuka was committed to the High Court for trial, the State Attorney Ms Joyce Anyango who was at the time leading prosecution, told court that they had enough evidence including Mr Kamyuka’s charge-and-caution statement he made at police admitting that in a confrontation with the deceased whom he fatally injured.

The prosecution states that at the trial, it will present the postmortem report and photographs from the scene of crime to pin Mr Kamyuka on the murder.
Prosecution states that on morning of August 2, 2015, everything was going on as usual at Club Guvnor on First Street in Industrial Area, Kampala’s Central Division, with city socialites enjoying the classical entertaining music when the deceased Ahimbisibwe in a confrontation with Mr Kamyuka suffered a cut in the neck inflicted by a sharp object. He bled to death.
Prosecution notes that Mr Kamyuka, with malice aforethought killed Ahimbisibwe.

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