Royals petition probe team over Lubowa site


Buganda Kingdom royals have petitioned the Commission of Inquiry into land matters and President Museveni to stop construction of a multibillion hospital at a piece of land they claim is theirs.

The contested land is on Block 269 at Lubowa in Kyadondo Wakiso, according to documents from the ministry of Lands.

“There is a lot of forgery orchestrated by people intending to defraud us of our property. Land at Lubowa is registered as private Mailo located in Wakiso District yet the government is claiming it using a freehold title located in Kampala.

And more over this is the same land which police is barring us to access and a hospital being constructed,” the petition reads in part.
On June 1, President Museveni assured the investors of safety, saying government owns a 30-acre land title in Lubowa where the high-tech hospital is being constructed.

“We took 30 acres of this land to construct this hospital. There is no way anybody can claim this land successfully,” Mr Museveni said.

The Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Health, Dr Diana Atwine, indicated in a separate interview that government, through the Joint Clinical Research Centre, acquired the land at Lubowa from Mitchell Courts 25 years ago.

However, the Buganda royals insist the land belongs to them and say that in 2011, an investigation by Ministry of Lands into the ownership of the land concluded that it was leased to Mr John Hill and Mr Ormsby in 1911 and the lease expired. The royals say the land must therefore be reverted to the original owner or his successors.

In the 77-page petition to the commission of inquiry chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, the royals said the original owner is Prince Yusuf Ssuuna Kiwewa, one of the sons of King Mwanga.

They said the surviving managers of the estate are Princes Jjunju Fredrick James, John Bemba, Kimbugwe. K. Nakibinge, Joseph Kiyimba, Princesses Victoria Luwedde, Mariam Namusisi Nassiwa and Rosemary Nakamanya.

The petitioners say the government title is marked under registration of Title Ordinances which expired in 1966. They say the government title shows it’s registered under Freehold system yet the land in question is Private Mailo.

“Some mafias in government may have genuinely been given billions of money to purchase land but after swindling it they forged a title on our land and confused the President. We shall go slow but consistently till we achieve justice,” Prince Kimbugwe. K. Nakibinge said. The royals have sent a separate petition to President Museveni for intervention. The petition is signed by Princess Nassiwa on behalf of others.

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