DP’s Musoke makes U-turn to contest in Kalungu  


KALUNGU–   Democratic Party’s Emmanuel Musoke who had decided to quit elective politics following decesion by the Court of Appeal not to declare him chairman of Kalungu District in last year’s general  elections has made a U-turn and decided to compete in  the by-election whose date has not been set by the Electoral Commission (EC).

Mr Musoke says he was convinced to contest on grounds that the party finances his campaign.

 “I agreed to come back in the race after several meetings with the party officials including; Busiro East Medard Ssegona, (who was his lawyer during the electoral petition), KalunguDistrict DP chairperson also Kalungu West MP, Mr Joseph Ssewungu, among others,” he said. “This time it will be the party to financially support the entire process.”

 Mr Musoke who is the former chairperson of Kalungu District, had vowed not to participate in an election where a person who ‘stole his victory’ is also a candidate.

 In last year’s general elections, Mr Musoke contested for re-election and lost by 339 votes to his National Resistance Movement rival, Mr Richard Kyabaggu.

 He rejected the results and petitioned the High Court accusing EC of fabricating results Declaration Forms from Karumaga, Kitawuluzi, Yesu Akwagala and Bugomora polling stations to deny him victory.

In his petition, he requested court to nullify the victory of Mr Kyabaggu and declare him the duly elected district chairman.

 Although the Masaka High Court Justice Lawrence Gidudu concurred with Mr Musoke, he did not declare him winner saying the authenticity of the Declaration Forms on which court would have based to declare him as winner were not certified by the EC.

 Court of Appeal judges also upheld the decision of Justice Gidudu, declaring the post vacant and ordered  a by-election.

 Mr Musoke also noted that his first decision to bow out was not out of fear to lose as it is being alleged by his political rivals.

 Mr Ssewungu, said they have consolidated support to regain the seat.

  Asked on the issue of financing the election, Mr Nobert Mao, the DP president said that it is an obligation of the party to give all the required support.

 “We will give all what we can to facilitate our candidate but to be more realistic, he cannot do away with expenditures as an individual,” Mr Mao said.

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