FDC West Nile support dwindles


The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party is in soul-searching to find out why the party’s support is dwindling every election season, especially in the last general elections.

Thirteen years ago, when the party was formed, it was a darling to many people of West Nile as they supported it fully due to frustrations they had for electricity crisis, bad roads and underdevelopment.

At the two days evaluation of 2016 elections in Arua, Mr Hamza Manzu, Arua District FDC chairman, said the party enjoyed great support in West Nile but many are getting frustrated with the way things are happening in the country.

“We should work to ensure that the support for FDC we have in West Nile is like elsewhere so that no one regrets. To be honest, there is a difference in support we had at the time FDC started. But we shall not give up with the struggle,” Mr Hamza said.

The FDC’s support across the West Nile has been waning as some of the supporters lost hope of not getting into power, while others crossed to the NRM, especially during the 2011 and 2016 general elections. Speaking at the retreat on Friday, the FDC party president, Gen Mugisha Muntu said there is need for the party members to get back to its strength through building systems and capacity of its members in managing internal conflicts.

“FDC has to differentiate itself from other parties so that we can have trainers within the party to equip members with skills of conflict prevention, management and resolution within and in the country. The internal party divisions should help us to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities,” Gen Muntu said.

During the 2016 general elections, FDC lost Kassiano Wadri and Christine Abia who are staunch members of the party when they lost in the elections.

Coupled with that, some of the candidates supported, like Bruce Musema lost in Arua Municipality and Upper Madi Okollo, John Arumadri. The party gained from Emmanuel Ongiertho (Jonam) and Mr Lee Oguzu (Maracha West), who were elected on FDC ticket as MPs as well as Ms Nesma Ocokoru who was elected as LC 3 chairperson for Arua Hill Division and some district councillors across the sub-counties in the region.

Mr Nathan Nandala Mafabi, the secretary general of FDC called on the party supporters to avoid internal wrangling, bribery and betrayal ahead of the party presidential elections in November but called for unity, transparency and accountability by all members of the party.

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