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MANAFWA. Tensions flared at Manafwa District council last Wednesday as a section of councillors from Bubulo West tasked the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Mr Suleiman Kasozi to transfer all heads of departments hailing from Bubulo East to the newly created Namisindwa District.
Namisindwa District which will become operational effective July 1, was originally Bubulo East constituency while Bubulo West remains part of Manafwa District.
Mr Yefusa Munyanda, the Buwagogo Sub-county councillor, said this will pave way for their children who hail from Manafwa to get jobs.
“Most of the heads of departments and their deputies come from Bubulo East currently Namisindwa District, I am of the view that they go back and serve their home people so that our children occupy the posts they have left,” Mr Munyanda said.
Mr Paul Wakabenga, the Bukusu Sub-county councillor, said as a planning authority, the office of CAO should present to council a list of all heads of departments and where they come from so that they can be deployed to the new district.
“We should plan for Namisindwa District early, by now we would be having a list of staff ready to be deployed, especially those who come from that area,” Mr Wakabega said.
Mr Suleiman Kasozi, the Manafwa District CAO told council that it is his mandate to decide who to be transferred to the new district.
“It’s my mandate to transfer civil servants and I do not need to consult any politician on issues of staff transfer,” Mr Kasozi said.
He added that he doesn’t make transfers basing on where one hails from. He, however, pledged to prepare a list of heads of departments within one week that will be deployed to Namisindwa District.
Mr John Musila, the Manafwa District chairperson said the move by councillors is not the best way to go because it propagates hatred.
“Honorable councillors that is not the best way to go because we are one, we should not victimise staff on the basis of where they come from,” he said.

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