Johnnie, Kamyuka were habitual fighters – witness


KAMPALA- The trial of the murder of John Ahimbisbwe aka Jonnie at Guvnor, a popular city hangout, continued yesterday with the club’s manager testifying that the accused and the deceased had been banned from the nightclub for fighting.
Mr Ivan Kamyuka is charged with the murder. Prosecution states that Kamyuka on August 2, 2015, with malice aforethought killed Jonnie at Guvnor Club on First Street in Industrial Area, Kampala.
“My lord, before the August 2, 2015 death incident, Jonnie and Kamyuka had been banned from the club for six months over a minor scuffle. This decision was made by the entire club management team in a meeting,” the club manager Mr Robert Omona told the trial judge Wilson Kwesiga.
He said when the six months of the ban elapsed, the duo returned to the club.

“On that day, I was at the club and I listened to a radio call communication saying, “emergency needed” at 40 Plus section of the club. I rushed to the scene and found a patron lying in a pool of blood. I got the first aid box, pulled out a swab of cotton and placed it at the point on the neck that was bleeding,” Mr Omona further testified.
He was testifying as the fifth prosecution witness.

He explained that an hour before the murder incident he saw both Jonnie and Kamyuka whom he had been told by colleagues were business partners.
He said Johnnie and Kamyuka were regular at the club. He said he also knew the deceased’s girlfriend called Nina had left him for Kamyuka.
Another witness, Detective Sergeant Haruna Mugisha, the Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO), also testified.

He is the officer who inspected the murder scene, took photos, made a report of his observations and compiled exhibits.
“I observed suspected blood stains on the wall around the Dj’s box on the floor towards the toilet. I saw a metallic wrist watch still on the floor in a pool of blood and two broken glasses,” the police detective stated.
The seventh witness Detective Sergeant Michael Jackson Okello told court he was assigned to take pictures during the postmortem on Jonnie’s body. He said the body bore a deep cut on the left lower jaw towards the neck and when the body was dissected by the pathologist, he observed that some muscles in the deceased’s neck had been cut severely.
On June 2, Jonnie’s sister Ms Charity Kyomuhendo testified that the murder of her brother could have been caused by the paternity row he had with his mistress Nina.
She said Johnnie had told her that Nina had given away his child to another man.
Court adjourned the case to June 30 for further hearing.
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