Korean firm teaches government officials to love Uganda


Communication officers from several government departments have undergone training by International Youth Fellowship on how to appreciate and love every aspect of their lives, homes and communities.
International Youth Fellowship is a Christian organization based in Korea. The organisation specializes in changing people’s mindsets by highlighting the positive things that surround them so as to bring about a positive change.

Mr Simon K. B Mayende, the Director Information and National Guidance, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology & National Guidance, says government decided to bring in Koreans to do the training because mind education has enabled Korea to move from being one of the least developed countries in 1962 to being the 13th economy in the world.

Since its inception in 2001, the organization has helped over 6,000 Korean youths by making them appreciate what they have in their country by exposing them to what exists elsewhere in the world. Last week, over 200 district education officers underwent the same training.

According to Mr Mayende, the trainings will later on be included into the national curriculum to enable everyone to be a beneficiary.
He says the organisation is carrying out the trainings in line with a memorandum of understanding it signed with the education ministry a year ago.
Lee Hon Mok, Secretary General, International Youth Fellowship says the training will be very beneficial to Uganda and its development in the long run.

“The mind is an amazing thing that can change communities and Ugandans need to change their mindsets. Uganda has the ability to become the richest country in Africa but Ugandans need a change of mindsets, just like we Koreans have had to change our mindsets for the good of the country,” he said.
Lee says that the programme will be beneficial to Uganda because it has helped many troubled youths in Korea who had been involved in drug and alcohol abuse to change their lives around and make something useful of themselves.
Some of the communications officers who attended the training were drawn from ministry of Education, Uganda Prisons, Uganda Police, Ministry of Transport, Pubic Procurement Disposal of Public Assets Authority.

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