Court summons Makerere over staff salary rise


Kampala. The High Court has summoned Makerere University administration to defend themselves in a case where a staff sued the university for salary increment.
Mr Kenneth Olok Okanga, a technician in the department of Veterinary, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, sued the university seeking court to compel his employer to increase his salary.
Mr Okanga claims that on January 2, 2006, he was promoted to position of principal technician and his salary was elevated from scale M10 to M7 but he has never received the incremental money. “ The University Council during its 119th meeting [December 2010] approved my salary increment but I have never received it,” reads part of Mr Okanga’s claim.
Mr Okanga states that during the meeting the University Council raised the qualification for the position to degree level and he submitted his documents which were approved but he was not given reason why his salary was not raised as per terms of the agreement.
“Although my qualification was approved, updated and confirmed in order for the university to consider me for the position, I continued receiving my old salary,” Mr Okanga’s says adding that since the rationalisation of the salary structure began in 2011, he has continued receiving his salary based on the old structure which he describes as “unfair and unlawful”.
He says all the aggrieved employees demanded their increment, but the university’s human resource manager, informed them that the university directorate was in the process of phased implementation of the approved salary structure which would address their complaints. However, Okanga says, their grievances have not been addressed to-date.
The court’s deputy registrar, Mr Alex Ajiji, has given Makerere University 15 days from June 14 to file their defence.

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