Presidential age limit: I’m innocent, says minister Otafiire


Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister, Kahinda Otafiire has blamed a section of the public for directing their anger at him over the proposed Age limit bill, the work he claims is not his responsibility but the law makers in Parliament.

Mr Otafiire who represented president Museveni at the funeral of fallen former Democratic Party leader John Ssebaana Kizito at Mpande village in Luweero District on Saturday claimed that a section of the public have turned their guns on him over the proposed Age Limit Bill for which he has no power as a Minister to throw away if it comes for debate and final passing in Parliament.
“You’re crucifying the wrong person over the proposed Constitutional Amendment Bill on age limit. Otafiire is not Uganda and has no powers to push for any law without the input of your Members of Parliament. We are in a situation where some people like it while others do not want the age limit bill,” he said.

Casket containing the remains of fallen former

Casket containing the remains of fallen former DP leader John Ssebaana Kizito being lowered into the grave at Mpande village Luweero District on Saturday.PHOTO BY DAN WANDERA

He further told mourners that Uganda would be a better place for everybody to enjoy life if people acted in the spirit of honesty like the late Ssebaana who accommodated all the divergent views of politicians in favour of development.

“We have no reason to shed blood in Uganda yet we can sit and dialogue on the most pressing issues affecting our Country. Those who are against negotiations should leave us and allow peace to prevail. We should not give room for instability on matters that can be resolved amicably,” Mr Otafire added.
Buganda Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayega said Uganda has a leadership challenges. According to him, leadership is a duty and responsibility bestowed onto someone.

“The leaders’ approach to the different challenges facing Uganda is the major problem today. In Ssebaana, we have lost a leader who dutifully served Buganda and Uganda which explains why Ugandans from across the political divide, religions, tribes among other structural settings hail him for honesty,” he said.
Earlier, a section of Democratic Party Youth Supporters engaged in a fistfight and displaying placards with messages accusing the NRM MPs of supporting the lifting of the Age limit.

Two DP youth groups engage in a fistfight at

Two DP youth groups engage in a fistfight at the burial ceremony of Ssebaana in Luweero. Photo by Dan Wandera

The fight was between the DP supporters of Kampala mayor Erias Lukwago and those of DP president Norbert Mao. A scuffle that culminated into a fistfight ensued after Mr Lukwago arrived for the burial. The pro-Mao DP youth members attempted to block Lukwago at the entrance but police intervened in time to save the situation.
The incident was condemned by the DP top leaders including former DP President General Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere and Mao.
Dr Kizza Besigye(FDC), Mr Olara Otunu, several MPs and Cabinet Ministers attended Ssebaana’s last funeral service led by the Bishop of Luweero Diocese Elidard Nsubuga before the burial ceremony was interrupted by a heavy down pour at Mpade Village in Luweero District.

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