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Kampala. MTN Uganda, one of the leading telecommunication companies in the country has issued a statement addressing concerns that outraged a section of its subscribers, compelling the industry regulator Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to write to the company.
Over the last couple of days, a cross-section of the telecom company subscribers took to social media to express their dissatisfaction over what they deemed as sudden increase on voice and data prices.

Full statement: MTN (U) has been made aware of a letter from the Uganda Communications Commission that has been circulating on social media dated July 7, 2017 on the above subject which was only received by MTN (U) on the July 11, 2017 at 6.20pm, to which we respond as follows:

It is global telecoms practice, that voice or data bundles, are subscription product offerings to customers based on customer preference and as such would not fall within the purview of regulated services.
All telecom service providers in Uganda offer bundles to their customers on a subscription basis, as we have over a number of years and we are not aware of any operator being required to file the offers for approval, as is being required of MTN Uganda in this instance.

For the tariff changes that require regulatory approval, MTN has previously filed its proposed tariff changes with the commission.
We would like to categorically state that MTN has prior to the above matter only changed tariffs twice in the last 15 months and these tariff changes were submitted to the commission even when there was no licence obligation to submit them.
In these two instances, the commission issued letters of no objection.

In this particular instance, the bundles have been re-balanced by lowering the price of the most popular daily bundles while re-optimising others.
The changes in bundle pricing that were in effect a reduction in offering were implemented before the communication plan was implemented. This miscommunication and any inconvenience caused to our customers is regretted.
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