VIDEO: Bobi Wine supporter left maimed after police beating


If there was ever a moment for one to record the unforgettable experience in life, then June 29, 2017 should have been that moment for Patrick Sande.

An ardent supporter of the newly elected Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssetamu popularly known as Bobi Wine, Sande accuses police of maiming him during the recent by-election. Sande is a father of three who was brutally roughed up by police officers who were out to disperse a rowdy crowd during the by-election. The officers allegedly stepped on his private parts and left him seriously injured.

Police arrest Patrick Sande. Photo by Rachel

Police arrest Patrick Sande. Photo by Rachel Mabala

After casting his vote in the morning of June 29, Sande was caught up in the scuffle between police and voters who had stormed a certain house that they believed was being used as a hideout to rig the by-election.
“I had just sat down but when I turned around, three officers had surrounded me. I asked why they wanted to arrest me. But one of them responded saying you’ll get the answers at the police station. I told them I was going nowhere and stood up. They wrestled me down. I was carried to a certain small room where I was locked and tortured,” he said.

He claims that a certain police officer whom he couldn’t identify kicked him in his private parts and injured him.
“One of them even squeezed my private parts,” he said.
He claims that he was bundled on a police truck and taken to Kira Division Police Station where he spent two nights without a meal or access to his family members.
MP Kyagulanyi came to his rescue by taking him to Capital Health Clinic in Kasangati. This reporter spoke to Dr Jonan Kisembo received him.

A video grab of Patrick Sande clinging on the

A video grab of Patrick Sande clinging on the leg of one of the police officers who were allegedly torturing him after his arrest on June 29 when the Kyaddondo East by-election was held.

“He came in limping with a lot of pain in the chest and abdomen. He was also urinating blood. We call it hematuria,” said Dr Kisembo.
The doctor said Sande may not be able to sire children again.
“When the testicles are injured, chances are high that you may get secondary infertility,” the doctor added.

Sande, a construction worker now spends all his time at home and is worried how he will fend for his wife and three children.
This reporter’s efforts to speak to police about this matter seemed futile.

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