Baby theft: Jinja hospital installs CCTV cameras


In February, Ms Zaina Magomu, a resident of Nalufenya Parish in Mpumudde -Kimaka Division Jinja District delivered premature twins at Jinja Regional Referral Hospital.

However, one died minutes later. Even the twin baby who survived was reportedly stolen from an incubator four days later.

Ms Rose Sului a nurse who was on duty was arrested to explain how the baby who was under her care disappeared.

She was later released on police bond. She said the baby was stolen by the time she went to ease herself. She was on duty alone.

The Hospital Director,  Ms Sophie Namasopo, said then, that it was difficult to tell how the baby went missing because the hospital had no CCTV camera which could have recorded activities inside the special unit that houses the incubator.

The search for the missing baby continues todate.

To stop similar cases from occurring at the hospital,  12 CCTV  cameras worth Shs43 million have been installed in sensitive sections  including wards, theatre, pharmacy, stores and at all entry points.

Ms Namasopo said the cameras have reduced drug theft from the hospital which has been rampant for years.

She said the rampant negligence of duty by health workers has also reduced because all activities inside the health facility are monitored on CCTV cameras.

Security officers now find work easier.

“Even if someone is packing stolen drugs in his/her bag, I can see her through this camera,” Mr Mujuni, a security officer said.

Commissioning the cameras and the attendance biometric machine, the Minister for Primary Health Care Ms Joyce Kaducu Moriku warned health workers against bribery, negligence of patients, hospital equipment and drug theft after.

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