Guess what Hailey bought with her first pay slip?


Hailey BaldwinHailey Baldwin splashed out on a new pair of “really high” Prada boots with her first ever paycheck. The 20-year-old model – who made her catwalk debut for Topshop three years ago in 2014 – has revealed when she received her first monthly wage she immediately went shopping and spent it on a pair of designer heeled shoes.

When asked about her extravagant purchase, the golden-haired beauty – who is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and his wife Kennya – said: “A pair of really high Prada boots.”

The style icon has graced the runway for prestigious fashion houses, including Julien MacDonald, Tommy Hilfiger and Sonia Rykiel, and the star has admitted she is constantly practicing her strut, and will even elongate her stride when she is walking down an empty corridor, although she is fearful someone may turn the corner and catch her.

When asked if she often rehearses for fashion shows in her free time, she said: “Yes. Sometimes if I’m walking down a hallway and no one’s around, I’ll do it low key if no one’s going to come round the corner.”

Although Hailey has admitted she will happily treat herself to a lavish present when she gets paid, she would save her last few pounds on food. Speaking about her expenditure, and what her spare change would go on, she said: “Food.”

However, the muse only keeps staples like eggs, cheese and bread in her fridge because she is never at home. She added: “There’s always blue Gatorade, water bottles, eggs, cheese, bread, soda. Standard things because I’m never home.”

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