Eva Alordia’s secret desires for a baby


By Rotimi Agbana

Following the recent breakup from her 16-months engagement to her fiancée, Caesar Ume-Ezeoke, pretty Nigerian female rapper, Eva Alordia, has expressed desire to have a baby girl sometime next year; but how she intends to achieve this remains a mystery since she is presently single and has withdrawn into her shells as a result of the emotional trauma caused by the sudden breakup.

The alluring rapper who is also a creative makeup artiste posted the photo of a beautiful female kid on her social media platform, with the caption; “Baby girl, I want one just as pouty as you, Mila, next year, can’t wait.” Showtime’s investigation revealed that ever since she quit her relationship, she has been having frequent emotional swings, causing her to engage in a series of activities just to distract her mind from thoughts of the breakup. Feelers from the rapper’s camp reveal that she may be considering becoming a single mom like some of her colleagues instead of wasting her time on fruitless relationships.

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