Tsvangirai must lead coalition: Top PDP official


HARARE – A top official in opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has said Morgan Tsvangirai must represent the opposition alliance in the presidential election mid-next year, his fourth time as a presidential candidate.

“I have always said we will never have a perfect leader…. Let Tsvangirai lead us in the coalition. Let us have in addition a very strong non-partisan presidential team to prop him up and fill the gaps,” PDP secretary for economic affairs Vince Musewe said on his Facebook wall. PDP spokesperson Jacob Mafume said they were yet to endorse an alliance presidential candidate.

“We appreciate and acknowledge comments made by Vince, we don’t find fault in them, and it’s his opinion. But as a party we say first things first and then we talk of a coalition. If we do the opposite, then we run the risk of having a leader without the coalition.” 


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