VIDEO: Military takes over security in Kyadondo East


Minutes before voting officially ends in the Kyadondo East by-election, the military has been deployed to take over security.

Police authorities say the military has been called in,  to avert post-election violence and to maintain law and order.

The regular army has been working alongside police for the last few days and throughout today’s exercise.

Army deployed at the Kasangati Police station

Army deployed at the Kasangati Police station ahead of vote counting. Photo by Rachel Mabala

However, around 2: 40pm trucks and mambas transporting the Military Police  famously called Red Top were seen arriving at Kasangati Police. They have unloaded their equipment including anti-riot gear and have started patrolling the area.

 Army deployed at kasangati. Chaos detected and

Army deployed at kasangati. Chaos detected and now army takes full charge of security in Kyadondo. Photo by Damali Mukhaye

The force is feared for its violent and brutal crackdown on dissent and is usually deployed in situations where the regular police have failed.

Police Spokesman Asan Kasingye says the move normal and is meant to ensure that the area remains safe especially during the night after the polls.

“As has been the norm, we invite the military to take charge. It is coming to darkness. The voting is over and now we have to beef our security.”

Asked whether police can’t take care of security issues anymore, AIGP Kasingye said police has always worked with other security agencies.

“The constitution says we are allowed to use other security agencies and that is why we have deployed the army,” Kasingye said.

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