Kakoma remains dug up, stirs more confusion


Wakiso. The family of late music professor George William Kakoma has been thrown into more confusion with some now claiming that the remains of their father was not found intact after the grave was dug up on Friday.

Mr Paul Lwanga Kakoma expressed dissatisfaction that his father’s head was tampered with although other people who were present during the opening of the grave insist the body was found intact.
Mr Lwanga, who stayed close by his father’s grave during the excavation, blamed Wakiso police led by District Police Commander Justus Tashobya for not taking along with them a doctor to help verify the status of their father’s body, yet they had promised to do so.

“I am not convinced because I went close to my father’s grave to see everything and I saw as if part of the forehead was not there. And police had told us they would come with a doctor to verify each part of the remains of our father, but they have not come with any doctor to help us explain the status of the body,” Mr Lwanga said.
But Mr Tashobya, who addressed the press after the opening of the grave, said Kakoma’s body was found intact, although he said they checked only part of the head.

“You have seen it for yourselves that the body has been found in its grave and exhuming the whole body again needed us to have another court order. But since the relatives only wanted to verify whether the body was there, I have ordered the opening to be closed because they have found what they wanted to see,” he said.
But before the opening of the grave, Kakoma’s widow Mary Tereza Nanbukalu, arrived and ordered the exercise stopped.

“Do not open my husband’s grave because I know very well that his body is there. What I want you to do is to close that hole which is there and you go away,” the widow ordered. The step children and the police took some time trying to convince her to allow them to open the grave, but she insisted that Kakoma’s body is intact and there was no need to open the grave.

But the police and her stepchildren went against her orders and she did not wait for the whole process to be accomplished.
Prof Kakoma, who is celebrated as the composer of the Uganda National Anthem, died on April 8, 2012, and was buried at Mabwombwe Village, Mende Sub-county, Wakiso District.

But his grave mound was discovered vandalised last Wednesday by an unknown intruders, who the residents feared could have stolen his remains on Tuesday night, forcing a section of the family to secure a court order to dig up the grave to establish the truth against protests from the widow.

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