New judge appointed to hear Kefa’s six-year land case


KAMPALA. The judiciary has appointed a new judge to hear the longstanding land case of Prince Kefa Wasswa after six years of changing presiding judges.
Justice Henry Peter Adonyo, who is also the executive director of Judicial Studies Institute, has been assigned by the Principal Judge Yorokamu Bamwine to handle the case.

The case file referenced HCCS No. 482 of 2011 involves Mzee Kefa and another against Joseph Kiyimba.
According to the statement from the Judiciary, the Principal Judge directed Justice Adonyo to expedite the hearing of the case, which has been partly heard by several judges, given its long stay in the court system.
Last week, social media was awash with posts about how the old man’s case had stalled in court for half a decade, passing through hands of several judges who would be transferred before conclusion of the hearing. “Justice4MzeeKeffa-Justice delayed is justice denied” went viral on social media platforms calling on the courts to deliver justice.

Justice Ketra Katunguka, who was the latest to be assigned to hear Kefa’s case, was recently transferred to the Family Court.
Other justices that had previously handled the land case include; Rubby Opio Aweri, Solome Bbosa and Eva Luswata.
Frustrated with endless court adjournments and transfer of the presiding judges, Mzee Kefa sympathisers took their plight to social media after learning that Justice Katunguka, the fourth judge to handle the matter, had also been transferred.

“Since December 2011, Mzee Kefa has been in court but he cannot get justice because there are no judges to hear his case,” reads part of the plea circulated on various social media platforms last week.
“Even when the new judge is appointed, it is not clear when and if Mzee Kefa’s case will be prioritised. We are appealing to you in your capacity as an opinion leader to add your voice to our voice by tweeting, retweeting or even publishing on your blog or social media, we will bring this case to the attention of the Judiciary and hopefully this senior citizen can access justice,” social media posts further read.
Mzee Kefa, 70, was evicted from the dispute land by a Kampala businessman who has since constructed apartments on it.

In March, the Case Backlog Reduction and Elimination Committee Report established that there were 37,827 pending cases in the court system.
The committee called for quick clearance of cases that are categorised as backlog in order to restore public confidence and trust in the Judiciary.

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