Woman strips naked at court


LIRA. A 36-year-old woman has stripped naked at the High Court in Lira, protesting the prosecution of her relatives.
The woman identified as Dorcus Akot on Tuesday ran naked at the court premises after the judge refused to release her six relatives who are facing charges of attempted murder.
The accused include Ms Akot’s father and her biological brother who were arrested in 2014 and remanded to Lira prison.
Among those on trial are Mr Nelson Olwa, Mr Peter Okaka, Mr Martin Ochom, Mr John Peter Oroma, Mr Geoffrey Owani and Ms Nancy Alobo.

The case came up for hearing before the Lira resident judge, Dr Winifred Nabisinde, upon which it was adjourned for judgment, and the suspects further remanded to prison.
This appeared to have angered Ms Akot who had hoped her relatives would be set free, prompting her to undress in protest of the court’s decision.

Ms Akot defended her actions saying she stripped naked because police wanted to “finish” them all.
“I’m the only one now remaining to take care of the children left behind and you (police) want to finish us all. I will not move anywhere; I will die here if my family members are not released,” she screamed while taking off her clothes.

Mr Tom Omeny, a complainant and resident of Bardego village, Aketiper parish, Nambieso Sub-county in Apac District, alleged through prosecution that Ms Akot and others on remand tried to kill him by demolishing his house in 2014.

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