Laikipia farmers condemn murder of officers


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A farmers’ association has condemned the murder of six police officers in Laikipia County on Wednesday.

In a communication sent to media houses, Laikipia Farmers’ Association said the ambush on Anti-Stock Theft Unit officers by gunmen was a clear beacon of insecurity and lawlessness in the region ahead of the August elections.

The attack that occurred near Kamwenje in Laikipia West left four others with serious injuries.

An officer who survived said that they were patrolling the Laikipia Nature Conservancy on the Baringo-Laikipia boundary when they were attacked by more than 100 armed bandits.

The farmers said the attacks were being fuelled by politicians with selfish interests.

The organisation also said farm invasions are also instigated by leaders who want to displace their “rival’s” supporters.

“The aim once again appears to be to displace potential voters by attacking businesses, despite the loss of billions of shillings, [which is hurting] Laikipia’s economy,” part of the communication read.

Violence in Laikipia has spiked with smallholder farms and ranches alike being invaded by armed herders.

This was the latest in a series of violence across Laikipia West and North constituencies.

Dozens of people have been killed and others displaced, with the security operation ordered by the national government failing to quell the unrest.

The farmers’ association has dismissed claims that the invasions are brought about by drought, saying it has been raining since April this year.

It urged the government to increase the number of security agents ahead of the elections.

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