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KAMPALA- The Monitor Publications Limited, the publisher of Uganda’s leading independent daily newspaper Daily Monitor, marks 25 years today.

The paper, then called The Monitor, first hit the streets as a weekly on July 24, 1992. The company has expanded over the years and now, in addition to Daily Monitor, Saturday Monitor and Sunday Monitor, also produces Ennyanda, a Luganda publication that covers especially international football news.
Mr Tony Glencross, the managing director of the company, said in his anniversary message: “MPL is still at the forefront of media in this country. We are still the most influential newspaper in Uganda and are setting the pace for change as we move more into the digital realm. The editorial policy is clear – serve the readers, do so objectively, fairly and leave the readers to make their own conclusions.”
Mr Charles Odoobo Bichachi, the Executive Editor of Daily Monitor, recounted that Daily Monitor has over the past 25 years distinguished itself as “the newspaper that speaks for the voiceless, and speaks truth to power; whether it is political, economic or social power.”

Mr Bichachi added that as the company celebrates its Silver Jubilee, it is also concerned about renewal. He said: “…we recognise that our readers’ interests and information consumption habits have changed. This is why we now break the news to you on our website, and give you perspective in the newspaper. We also have a different magazine every day to address the issues that affect our readers’ lives.”

In a restatement of the founding principles of the newspaper, Dr Simon Kagugube, the chairman Board of Directors of Monitor Publications Limited, said: “We want to continue nurturing the space for a free expression as a way of helping our society to learn to exchange ideas freely especially those views you don’t agree with.”

To kick off the celebrations, Daily Monitor has today enclosed a 32-page commemorative magazine that covers the history, challenges and success stories of the past 25 years.
Also, to remind the readers of the incisive journalism which the paper has produced over the years, the readers were called upon to select the 25 Daily Monitor stories that they think were most incisive or made the most impact.
Everyday starting tomorrow for the next 25 days, the story behind each one of the selected stories will be told in a special manner as a way of marking the 25 years.

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