Would you recommend an ex to a friend for marriage?


Most people will find it hard to deal with seeing an ex in a new relationship, especially when the new lover is a friend. While it’s honourable and nice to want to help your friend get into a relationship, would you really recommend him or her to an ex? Do you think a relationship that didn’t work out for you, would out for your friend? See what some of our celebrities think;

By  Juliet Ebirim

No, I won’t, it would be a constant reminder Alex Ab Igbinoba, Actress

Personally,if he wasn’t man enough to accept simple responsibility of his actions that made us break up in the first place, I certainly won’t recommend a friend. Besides, both of them being together will always be a constant reminder of what would have been that couldn’t.

Yes, they might be better suited for each othe– Nazareth Bako, Actress


Yes I can. If I wasn’t a good match for my ex for marriage, my friend might be a better match. Also, since I know their ways of life, I can recommend them for each other. Besides I can’t be that greedy to keep my ex from being happy if I am in the position to do that. I don’t end relationships with fights because I believe that being together with a man is not a must. If it’s not working, just let it go, sort out your differences and remain friends, which is not bad.

No, I won’t – Bolaji Ogunmola, Actress

No, I personally wouldn’t recommend my ex to a friend for marriage. Don’t really know why, but it’s really not something I’m comfortable with.

Yes, if he is a nice person– Bayray McNwizu, Actress

Yes, I could do that. I can recommend my ex to a friend for marriage, but that will depend on if my ex is a nice person. It will not be awkward if they eventually have a relationship, that’s why he is an ex. How many people do I want to marry? I have moved on, so why not?

I won’t, so as to avoid blame games – Tope Tedela, Actor

Sometimes, the reason people break up is not because either party is bad or horrible (though this could be the case sometimes). At other times, it could be because of behavioural patterns or personality incompatibility. That being said, to avoid any complications or blame games, I may avoid any recommendation.

No I can’t, my friend deserves better – Olaide Olaogun, Actress/Model

I think it is easier for a woman to recommend her ex to a friend, but it’s not possible for a man to do that. Men are more on the jealous side than women. But either ways, I can’t. I must have left my ex for a reason and wouldn’t want a friend to face it. I will wish her better.

Only if he’s good enough for my friend – Esther Audu, Actress

Yes, sure, why not? I would recommend my ex for my friend, but that is if he is good enough for my friend. It’s not a big deal, not at all, because I have already moved on.

No, I won’t

it’s really not something I’m comfortable with.

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