Hegazy receives Italian army chief-of-staff, discusses issues of common interest


Egypt’s army chief-of-staff, General Mahmoud Hegazy, met on Friday with the Italian army chief-of-staff, General Claudio Graziano, in Cairo, according to a statement issued by military spokesperson Tamer Al-Refaei.

The two sides discussed issues of common interest in light of the situation in the region and means of boosting cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries in several fields, which will meet the common interests of the two sides.

Hegazy praised the level of coordination and consultation between Egypt and Italy in military and security fields, and expressed his hope for the coming stage to witness more cooperation that will boost goals of confronting terrorism and achieving stability and security in the Middle East, the statement read.

Graziano asserted the deepness of military relations between Egypt and Italy and compromising points of views about several issues that challenge the exerted efforts to confront terrorism and stop unorganised migration, as well as restoring stability and security in the region, according to the military spokesperson.

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