#Muvhango this week: Is Ranthomeng cheating on Thandaza?


Sindi Dlathu and Brian Themba’s characters during their television wedding.

His mysterious trip raises a few eyebrows. Watch ‘Muvhango’ this week to find out.

Monday July 31

Imani feels Ranthomeng slipping away, but things are about to get worse for her. The fraud at Basadi creates a harsh divide between James and Thandaza. Vhangani realises that he may never see his life savings again.

Tuesday August 1

It’s all over the newspapers that WFI is a scam. Gugu is not convinced that Ranthomeng is over Imani. James and Matshidiso connect.

Wednesday August 2

Ranthomeng goes on a mysterious trip. Matshidiso has some inside information for James. Vhangani demands his money back from Thifhelimbilu.

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Thursday August 3

Thandaza accuses Ranthomeng of cheating once again. James stands to lose the chance to buy Serithi’s shares. The pyramid scheme Vhangani has invested in is on the brink of collapse.

Friday August 4

Are Imani’s suspicions valid? Will James take up Matshidiso’s offer? Will Vhangani get his money back?


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