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AMURIA. Torrential rains have caused flooding and cut off the direct route between Amuria District in Teso sub-region and Karamoja via Kapelebyong.
Some travellers said they have had to spend nights on the road while traders are incurring higher costs on transport and enduring delayed delivery of merchandise. It is worse for dealers in perishable goods, particularly food stuff.
The most affected is the area in Okungur at the Amuria-Napak border where storm water has eroded the road surface, creating long jagged stretches.
According to residents, a contractor poured heaps of gravel on the road months ago but the expected maintenance works did not commence. And when the rains began falling, it dissolved and dispersed the gravel, turning the dirt road into a muddle of slippery surface.
“The road is under Uganda National Roads Authority (Unra), they came and poured heaps of murrum and failed to level; so, this murrum has been on the road for the last seven months. It has made the road to become too slippery when it rains,” Mr Peter Okure, the LC I chairperson of Okungur, said.
Unra Head of Public and Corporate Affairs, Mr Mark Ssali, said last evening that: “The contractor had not been doing a good job; so, we shut him down. The road maintenance is now being done in-house, under force account, by our Soroti station team. They opened the drains [yesterday] to drain the flooded section, and they will spread the gravel (today).”
Our Reporter found many vehicles, including haulage trucks, stuck in the mud-covered section of the road in Okungur.

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