Anastacia has brought out NEW music & it’s like time has literally stood still.


AnastaciaBack in the noughties, we used to LOVE Anastacia… that raspy voice, her poker straight hair and those pink tinted sunnies. We wanted to BE HER. Well, the good news is, she’s back and it’s like no time has passed – the only thing that’s gone is the specs.

She’s still got the voice that makes you want to book in at the nearby karaoke bar, she’s still got the toned tummy that makes you want to hit the gym, and she’s still got the poker straight hair that makes you want to dig out your Babyliss Steam straightener and spend hours in front of the mirror.

Yes, at 48, she’s no longer the height of cool, but something tells us she’s OK with that. She has sold over 30 million records worldwide, so we’re assuming she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

The video for Anastacia’s new track, Caught In The Middle, had GLAMOUR talking today. There’s just SO much going on. If you think music videos nowadays lack fire eating, horseback riding, falling leaves and interpretive dance moves, well you’re going to love it… If you don’t, look away now…

If we could say one thing, we wish she’d bid farewell to the Aerosmith-esque rings. They’ve gotta go because we’re all outta love for those. And don’t get us started on those leather trews.

This song is the first single from Anastacia’s new album, Evolution, which will be her first album of original material in over three years. Welcome back, babes.

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