VIDEO: Kampala floods after downpour


Parts of Kampala city and its neighbourhood were left flooded this afternoon after a downpour that lasted one and a half hours. Pedestrians and motorists struggled to make their way through the roads. Most of the cars drove at a slow pace, because of the floods, causing traffic around areas like Clock Tower.

Boda boder riders and motorists

Boda boda riders and motorists struggle to drive through a flooded section at the Clock Tower on Tuesday. Photo by Colleb Mugume

Some KCCA operatives were seen at different manholes unblocking them, removing garbage that had been trapped.
“You know when it takes long to rain, the water collects all the garbage into the trenches blocking them; that is why we are seeing most of the roads flooding,” said one operative.

A police ambulance drives through a

A police ambulance drives through a flooded section near the Clock Tower. The floods were caused by the Tuesday afternoon downpour. Photo by Colleb Mugume

On certain roads, the water level was quite high, up to above the car tyres; motorists were seen struggling to wade through, with some falling off their motorcycles. Residents in Kibuye and Katwe were also seen trying to keep the water from getting into their houses and damaging their property. They threw most of the belongings out of the houses as they used basins to scoop the water out.

A commuter van drives through the

A commuter tax van drives through the Clock Tower floods on Tuesday. Photo by Colleb Mugume

Mr Samuel Kasirye a boda boda cyclist said the town turns into a mess all the time it rains.

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“Whenever it rains, there are a lot of floods in the city which cuts the flow of traffic. The trenches get full and when someone falls in by accident, they cannot survive,” he said.

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