Nigerians in UK, Anenih Condemn Buhari’s Death Rumour


Abuja — More reactions have continued to trail the news over the weekend that President Muhammadu Buhari had died at a German hospital.


Nigerians living in the United Kingdom under the U.K. Chapter of Nigerians in Diaspora Monitoring Group (NDMG) described the death rumour as the handiwork of corrupt and unpatriotic individuals.


Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Tony Anenih, has dismissed the report as the handiwork of those who only did not wish Buhari well but also did not mean well for Nigeria.


The group, in an electronic message to journalists by its coordinator, Adekaa Onyilo, yesterday said those behind the rumour do not mean well for Nigeria as a country that is trying to overcome long years of strangulation imposed by their benefactors.


According to NDMG, such rumour reveals the low, which morals have sunk and the desperation of the beneficiaries of corruption, who want an end to the current war on corruption so that they can return the country to their path of perfidy.


Onyilo said even as Mr. President continues with his rest for the duration of his leave, the prayers of the millions of Nigerians who are yearning for the disruption of the status quo imposed by corruption would not go unanswered.


Anenih said those behind the report, in their hurried bid to propagate their mischievous and false report, forgot that the president left Nigeria for London and not Germany on vacation during which period he would undergo routine medical check-up.


According to the elder statesman, “This attitude of doing false reports of death of our leaders has become characteristic in the media and it is not good. I was a victim of this in May last year when I was reported to have died in a London hospital. Former president Ibrahim Babangida was also a victim of such sinister rumoured death last year. I wonder what those behind the false and mischievous reports intended to gain from them.


“Fabricating such negative and false reports of death about fellow human beings is wicked and ungodly. It is clearly against Biblical admonition that we should pray for leaders and people in authority.


“At this time of economic recession, rather than wish President Buhari dead, Nigerians should fervently pray for him to enjoy good health to be able to take the country out of the woods.


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