Byo artiste signed up by Angolan Label


BULAWAYO – Upcoming House artiste Simbarashe Kodzai (26), who was recently signed up by Angolan Record Label Seres Producoes, is determined to make a mark this year.

With the help of the Angolan production house, founded by DJ Satellite over a decade ago, K.O.D has just dropped a three-track EP titled “Voices of the drum.”

“My EP was recorded in Bulawayo but mastered in Luanda, Angola with the help of DJ Satellite,” K.O.D told the Daily News.

He is hopeful that the Angolans will help him get to the next level.

“The reason why I moved to Angola is because the type of music I play was pioneered in that country. South Africans get their beats and stuff from there, so instead of going down south, I chose to go to Angola,” said K.O.D, adding that “Voices of the Drum” is being marketed and distributed by Seres Producoes.

K.O.D is very optimistic about the future.

“There is a sharp difference between my music and the House music normally played in South Africa. The South African House no longer has drums. They are concentrating on techno and Afro Soul. My music has a powerful fusion of drums.

“I am happy with the level of airplay that my music has been receiving on local radio stations mainly Skyz Metro FM, Power FM and Star FM.

The 26-year old musician concedes that his music has been heavily influenced by the likes of Kanye West, Gregor Salto, Oskido, Black Coffee, Euphonik, DJ Fresh, Ganyani and Black Motion.

“I call myself King of drums because that’s where my future is. I want to build some form of kingdom in arts. I am very much influenced by the African drums, particularly African percussions from different cultures. I am particularly fond of drums from West Africa,” said K.O.D.

K.O.D recorded his 21-track debut album- Drum Worship-in 2005 with Rising Sounds Studio owned by Joe Maseko.

Determined to make the big break on the Southern African House scene, two years ago K.O.D joined forces with Herbal 3 Records based in South Africa under whom he released two tracks- In The Name Of love and Iculo Lothando.

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