Gay jibe stirs drama in Parly


HARARE – There was drama in Parliament yesterday after Highfield West Zanu PF MP Psychology Maziwisa was accused of being gay by some MPs.

The allegations were brought to the fore by Zanu PF Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba who rose on a point of order as Maziwisa had just finished probing Energy minister Samuel Undenge over government’s plan to help the elderly in high density suburbs to settle high electricity bills.

“When Maziwisa was speaking, some honourable members from our side were saying that Maziwisa ingochani (he is gay) we want that statement withdrawn,” Chinotimba said.

“In fact, it was (Prosper) Mutseyami (MDC MP for Musikavanhu),” he said.

However, Speaker of the House of Assembly Jacob Mudenda intervened saying: “Let’s avoid name calling, unsubstantiated claims.”

“ . . . Chinotimba alleges that . . . Mutseyami said this. Mutseyami, if you said that, please withdraw your statement,” he demanded.

“I did not say those words, please go to the Hansard and you will see I did not say that,” Mutseyami said.

“How can I say Maziwisa ingochani, ndakamborara naye here (How can I do I know that Maziwisa is gay. Have I ever slept with him)?” he said, igniting laughter from MPs in the House.

Same-sex relations are illegal in Zimbabwe, with President Robert Mugabe describing gays as worse than pigs and dogs.

Maziwisa is one of an estimated 42 African youths whose education was financially supported by the late controversial cricket journalist Peter Roebuck — who particularly had a great affinity with Zimbabwe.

The esteemed English-born writer — a stern critic of both Zimbabwe Cricket and the Zimbabwean government — helped establish the Learning for a Better World Trust when on the sidelines of Australia’s cricket team tour he was covering in 1998, he visited an orphanage in Harare and spent more than $100 000 of his own funds on education initiatives.


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