Bev suffers 'miscarriage'


HARARE – Controversial dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda, who attracted national attention three months ago after she claimed that she was carrying musician Andy Muridzo’s baby, says she suffered a miscarriage on Sunday after a performance.

Bev’s manager, Hapaguti “Hapaz” Mapimhidze, broke the news via WhatsApp yesterday morning.

“Allow me to announce that Bev had a miscarriage last Sunday at Holly’s Hotel soon after the show tati tikuzivisei sehama dze team Bev (We are informing you as people who work with Bev,” reads the post.


Mapimhidze added that they the feisty dancer was sought help at Harare Central Hospital after the mishap.

“She was treated at Harare Central hospital. We have a doctor’s report to substantiate it,” the controversial dancer’s manager said before sending a hospital admission card that was reportedly given to Bev.

Efforts to obtain a comment from Sibanda were fruitless as she was not picking up her mobile phone. Muridzo was also not reachable but his manager Gift Petro breathed fire over the purported miscarriage.

“There is nothing like that. We do not tolerate such nonsense. If she knew  that she was carrying Muridzo’s baby, why did she failed to inform him about the development? If she doesn’t give a satisfactory answer we will take her to court for soiling Muridzo’s image,” he told the Daily News.

Mid last month, Bev claimed that a recent scan revealed that she was carrying a baby boy.

“Shaa I was told it’s a boy. I am experiencing some funny sicknesses, ndiri kungo-feela weak weak so; it’s very boring. I just pray that this awkward experience will not affect my work because angaita mawani,” the popular dancer said at the time.

When the Daily News sought Muridzo’s comment on the claimed baby scan he was unwilling to comment. But in a previous interview with the Daily News, Muridzo said he would not shirk his fatherly responsibilities if the controversial dancer delivered his child.

“If she is pregnant for sure then it’s fine because the child shall be delivered and we will take it up from there,” he said.

When Bev first shocked the nation with the news at the beginning of the year, the Dherira hit-maker’s apologised to his wife and fans while forcefully rebutting the dancer’s claims.


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