Chipanga's boot-licking exposes lack of depth


HARARE – Zanu PF secretary for youth league in the politburo —Kudzanai Chipanga — has a right to lavish praise on President Robert Mugabe because it is his democratic right.

Being a leader of the next generation of politicians — the youths — it is also expected that Chipanga should inspire confidence not only in Zanu PF but also other political parties and ordinary people — that tomorrow’s future is safe with people like him.

But his fawning sycophancy at Mugabe’s rally in Marondera on Friday sadly has people expressing disappointment and shock at the level of his nauseating bootlicking.

“Truly speaking, in heaven there is God and here on earth there is an angel called Robert Gabriel Mugabe. You are representing God here on earth.

“I promise you, people, that when we go to heaven don’t be surprised to see Robert Gabriel Mugabe standing beside God vetting people into heaven. Gushungo, you are an angel.

“Amai Mugabe, you are a wife of an angel so when people enter heaven and when it’s Zimbabwe’s turn, you will be seated there, with secretary for administration (Ignatius) Chombo having names, while you will be vetting those whom you know,” Chipanga gushed.

No one had been prepared for this over-effusive praise by someone who should inspire confidence among the millions of jobless youths that have been brought to bear the brunt of Zanu PF’s ruinous policies.

Chipanga by being a youth leader should be representing an alternative narrative to arouse belief and hope in his colleagues, regardless of political affiliation.

On Friday, he failed thousands of Zanu PF youths whose own thinking and construction of ideas needed to transform Zimbabwe, were sullied by his sycophancy.

Chipanga missed an opportunity to show cause why youths should register and vote in next year’s elections and more importantly, why they must vote for his party.

Instead, his praises betrayed the kind of plans he has for Zanu PF youths — bootlicking and projecting Mugabe as the only capable leader in his party — despite obvious evidence of factionalism caused by failing to have a succession plan.

It is not harsh to say Chipanga doesn’t seem to appreciate that whatever he does mirrors the youths in his party and on Friday’s evidence, it would be difficult to find those who agree with him.

On the evidence of his blasphemous praises, one can conclude that youths looking for a political home are better served elsewhere!


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