Zanu PF's 'real' Command Liars


HARARE – As American Senator Hiram Warren Johnson so aptly observed way back in 1918, the first casualty of war is truth.

Indeed, as Zanu PF's ugly tribal, factional and succession wars get hotter by the day, well-known purveyors of lies in the ruling party and their running dogs — among them Cabinet ministers and discredited former State media editors — are going into overdrive with their frenetic tweeting, spinning and lying.

Among the recent innocent victims of these anarchists are prominent local businessmen John Mushayavanhu and Douglas Munatsi.

According to the deluded social media rantings of these real Command Liars, the two businessmen supposedly played a midwifery role in some fictitious recent takeover of the Daily News, by the ruling party faction linked to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Before then, one of these compromised charlatans also claimed falsely that the Daily News was now supposedly "fighting in Lacoste corner" (sic).

It boggles the mind.

For the readers of the Daily News who may not know this, it was the same malicious cast which lied to First Lady Grace Mugabe two years ago that former Vice President Joice Mujuru had allegedly bought a 10 percent shareholding in the Daily News.

To the First Lady's credit, she eventually saw through the embarrassing fibs for what they were, and promptly dropped the poisonous lies.

Some of these sorry souls were also leading members of the Axis of Evil which worked so hard to get the Daily News shut down — unjustly so — in September 2003.

Sadly, history has recorded that some of the worst atrocities of the past 37 years occurred around the time that the Daily News was out of circulation — including the vengeful murders of opposition supporters which followed the disputed 2008 elections.

Let us be very clear: there is method to all this madness — and this is to stop the Daily News from continuing to tell the Zimbabwean story like it is, without fear or favour.

The continuing onslaught against the Daily News is also intended to silence us, so that the hyenas who are at the heart of Zim's ongoing political and economic nightmare, including Zanu PF's mindless bloodletting, can continue with their wicked ways without fear of being exposed by the people's paper.

We have news for these lowlifes. This won’t happen, and the Daily News will NEVER yield to their dubious, toxic agendas.

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