Kaseke heaps praise on Mzembi


HARARE – Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) chief executive officer Karikoga Kaseke has heaped praise on Tourism minister Walter Mzembi, saying the youthful minister was running one of the few relatively well performing portfolios because of his ability to remain focused on deliverables when others dwell on unproductive debates.

“I have never said this before but I want to say it now… what he has done for us in tourism, it has never been done by anyone else before,” Kaseke said on the sidelines of the Miss Tourism 2017 press conference on Saturday.

“If I had the power to influence the president, I would influence the president never to reshuffle him because I know what he has done for tourism.

“Some of the things I cannot say them now, but he is a man who is above fearing, he is fearless, straightforward, to the extent that when you hear him talking about issues that affect this country, some people who do not understand the nature of politics in Zimbabwe, they might want to say he is from the opposition. I think you know what I am talking about,” Kaseke said.

Mzembi has called for the dismantling of the pervasive bribe-seeking police checkpoints hindering travellers on the roads to Zimbabwe’s famous tourist spots.

He has also called for the adoption of the rand, despite the RBZ saying this was not a viable route. He even went on to advise South Africa not to follow Zimbabwe’s route in implementing its land reform programme and recently railed against the filth in Harare and other cities saying it was giving him a hard time marketing destination Zimbabwe.

“He talks sense, he talks the right things, and that is what we want. If more ministers can do what he is doing, I think Zimbabwe will never be the same again,” Kaseke gushed.

The sentiments come after President Robert Mugabe also commended Mzembi’s ministry for its ability to attract international tourists despite the country being seen negatively due to human rights violations and graft.

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