Vehicle number plates fees to be slashed


HARARE – Government is considering slashing the cost of vehicle licence plates to contribute towards government policy on ease-of-doing business, deputy Transport minister Michael Madanha has told the National Assembly.

He was responding to a question by Nketa-Mganwini MDC MP Phelela Masuku who asked the deputy minister to explain why the cost was so high considering that cheap material was used to produce them.

Madanha said the material used was high quality aluminium.

The number plates costs $160, with Madanha saying it cost about $100 to produce a set of vehicle registration documents, that is, front and rear number plates, the registration book and the third number plate for a motor vehicle.

“We see opportunities to reduce the user fee charge for motor vehicle number plates to $125 and that of trailers to $105.

“We are also considering a reduction in the replacement cost for a damaged or lost number plate in respect of number plates for public service vehicles and private vehicles from the current $160 and $140 to $90 and $75 respectively,” Madanha said.  

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