Govt should audit police lifestyles


EDITOR — The reported $14 million raised by the police from roadblocks is way below the mark.

It is a tip of the iceberg.

Most police officers have at least two cellphones each, laptops, iPhones and iPads.

No other settlement has satellite dishes more than a police camp.

Police stations have no parking during the day because of so many officer-owned motor vehicles.

It would appear that the Zimbabwe Republic Police now has only three departments and these are traffic, minerals and stock clearance and in that order.

And all are lucrative to the individual.

If the Auditor-General were to carry out an inspection of all property in police camps and officers’ rural homes and farms, more would be found.

Take all that and compare it to what the officer earns and the difference in monetary value would be staggering.

Would that value relate in any way to the officer’s salary including allowances?

If all the cash were accounted for, there would be no reason why it should not reach S14 billion!

Government should do a lifestyle audit.

Mlobiseni Mhlokotshiyane


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